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5 Features Your Panasonic IP Phone Systems Should Have


Every business requires effective communications that help achieve cost cuts, mobility, versatility, management, and quality that's vital to success. Typically, such results are attainable when you're using a Panasonic IP PBX for business communications. However, there are certain features that such a phone system must have to help optimize the efficiency of communications as explained in this article.


1.  Call Barge


With call barge, a user can easily barge-in on a phone conversation that's already started, forming a three-way communication channel. This can be very helpful in numerous circumstances, such as when caller requires additional information that the person who picked first cannot provide. It eliminates the need to transfer the call to another agent, particularly if involvement of the current agent is still important to the call.


2.  Twinning


Twinning makes it possible for users to pick calls on their mobile devices (such as smartphones) and even route calls seamlessly using desk phones. A user can use this feature to make a call from their smartphone while away from the office using an assigned business caller ID. This is one way to overcome physical barriers when you're attempting to communicate. Here is more about telephone system maintenance Dubai you can read too.


3.  Virtual Receptionist


 A Panasonic PABX that has the virtual receptionist feature means that callers can be attended to if their concerns do no necessary require the intervention of a real contact center agent. With this feature, a pre-recorded voice prompt directs the caller on what to do or phone buttons to press to find the information they want or execute a desired automated function. It frees up customer support agents to attend to matters that require a live agent to pick up the phone.


4.  On-Hold Music


On-hold music plays a very important role when all support agents are busy. While call is placed in a queue awaiting response, the caller listens to music, which encourages them to hold on rather than hang up and wait to call later. This feature may also involve the playing of promotional or informative content. For more facts and information about IP telephone system, visit


5.  Voicemail /Unified Communication


This function allows the user to get voicemail messages via their handsets. Similarly, they can receive .wav files via their emails after missing a call. The unified system allows for SMS alerts.


Be sure that your Avaya UAE system supports all the functions you need for seamless communications and business success. Some of the most important features include unified communications, music on hold, virtual receptionist, call barging, and twinning.